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Comprehensive Winners List

Here is a comprehensive listing of all the winners since the start of the Benson and Hedges International Pyrotechnics competition in Montréal. This information was kindly provided by the the public relations department of Parc Jean Drapeau.


Gold Jupiter Silver Jupiter Bronze Jupiter Sound Track Special Jupiter
1985 Pyromusical: Société Étienne Lacroix (France)
Classic: Marutamaya Ogatsu (Japan)
Pyromusical: Industria Panzera (Italy)
Classic: Zambelli International (USA)
Pirotécnia Igual (Spain)    
1986 Pyromusical: Piroténia Caballer (Spain)
Classic: Dongguan Fireworks (China)
Pyromusical: Éphémère (France)
Classic: Garden State Fireworks(USA)
1987 Austin Fireworks (USA) Lünig Feuerwerk (Germany) Pirotécnia Igual (Spain) Lünig Feuerwerk (Germany)  
1988 Pirotécnia Igual (Spain) Lünig Feuerwerk (Germany) Austin Fireworks (USA) Austin Fireworks (USA)  
1989 Lünig Feuerwerk (Germany) Pyrodyne Aerial Productions (USA) Ex aequo: Pirotécnia Caballer (Spain) and Ampleman (Canada) Pyrodyne Aerial Productions (USA)  
1990 Société Étienne Lacroix (France) Pirotécnia Caballer (Spain) Les Artistes Associés (Switzerland)    
1991 Pyrotechnology Inc. (USA) JNS Pyrotechniek (Holland) Pirotécnia Zaragozana (Spain) Pyrotechnology Inc. (USA)  
1992 Sunny International (China) Rozzi's Famous Fireworks (USA) Pirotécnia Igual (Spain) Sunny International (China)  
1993 Pirotécnia Caballer (Spain) Sunny International (China) Ruggieri (France)   Kimbolton Fireworks (UK)
1994 Performance Pyrotechnic Associates (USA) Syd Howard Fireworks International (Australia) Marutamaya (Japan) Imposed theme: Performance Pyrotechnic Associates (USA) Giovanni Panzera
1995 JNS Pyrotechniek (Holland) Société Étienne Lacroix (France) Pirotecnia Soldi (Italy)   Jean Émond (SPÎ)
1996 Performance Pyrotechnic Associates (USA) Pirotécnia Igual (Spain) Weco Pyrotechnishe Fabrik (Germany)   Pierre Walder
1997 Ipon S.R.L. (Italy) Weco Pyrotechnishe Fabrik (Germany) Günter Vogler (Austria)   Concept Fiatlux (Canada)
1998 Performance Pyrotechnic Associates (USA) Ipon S.R.L. (Italy) Pirotécnia Ricardo Caballer(Spain)   Richard Shaw
1999 Performance Pyrotechnic Associates (USA) Ampleman Pyrotechnie (Canada) Pirotécnia Igual (Spain)    
2000 Weco Pyrotechnische Fabrik (Germany) Pirotécnia Caballer (Spain) Syd Howard Fireworks International (Australia)   Rothman Benson and Hedges
2001 Pirotécnia Igual (Spain) Foti's International Fireworks (Australia) San Tai Fireworks Ltd. (Taiwan)    
2002 Société Lacroix-Ruggieri (France) Luso Pirotecnia (Portugal) Ampleman Pyrotechnie (Canada)    
2003 Royal Pyrotechnie (Canada) Explosive Entertainment International (Australia) Pyromagic Productions Ltd. (Hong Kong / China)    
2004 Platinum Jupiter
Weco Pyrotechnishe Fabrik (Germany)
Honorable mention
Sunny International (China)
Honorable mention
Société Lacroix-Ruggieri (France)
2005 Fuegos Artificiales Júpiter (Argentina) Rozzi's Famous Fireworks (USA) BEM Feux d'Artifice (Canada)    
2006 Melrose Pyrotechnics (USA) Brezac Artifices (France) Foti's International Fireworks (Australia)    
2007 Pains Fireworks (UK) IP (Germany) Pyrospectaculars by Souza (USA)    
2008 Pyrotecnico (USA) Howard and Sons (Australia) Sunny International (China)    
2009 Royal Pyrotecnie (Quebec/Canada) Pyromagic Productions (HonKong/China) Meltrose Pyrotechnics (USA) Royal Pyrotecnie (Quebec/Canada) Green initiative: Foti's International Fireworks (Australia)
2010 Fireworks Spectaculars (Canada) Göteborgs Fyrverkeri Fabrik (Sweden) Brézac Artifices (France) Göteborgs Fyrverkeri Fabrik (Sweden) Green initiative: San Tai (Taiwan)
2011 Pirotecnia Morsani SRL (Italy) Lacroix-Ruggieri (France) Howard and Sons (Australia) Howard and Sons (Australia) Green initiative: Flash Barrandov SFX (Czech Repulic)
2012 Atlas Pyrovision Productions (USA) Grupo Luso (Portugal) Vaccalluzzo SRL (Italy) féérie (France) Green initiative: Not announced
2013 Pyroemotions / PyroDigiT Team (Italy) Mirnovec Pirotehnike (Croatia) Pirotecnia Zaragozana (Spain) Pyroemotions / PyroDigiT Team (Italy) Green initiative: Panzera SAS (Italy)
2014 Royal Pyrotechnie / Fireworks Spectulars Team (Canada) Foti's International Fireworks (Australia) Brezac Artifices (France) Brezac Artifices (France) Green initiative: Pyrotecnica Morsani (Italy)
2015 Jubilee Fireworks (England) JCO (France) Vulcan (HongKong/China) Vulcan (HongKong/China) Green initiative: Archangel (Canada)
2016 RICASA (Spain) Göteborgs FyrverkeriFabrik (Sweden) Sugup (Switzerland) Pirotecnia SPA (Chile) Green initiative: Pirotecnia SPA (Chile)
2017 Jubilee Fireworks (England) féérie (France) Macedos (Portugal) Innovative Pyrotechnik (Germany) Green initiative: féérie (France)

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